Designed by Nature

We use organic and ethically sourced herbs and botanicals: wherever possible using recycled and recyclable packaging – even our bottle labels are printed on material that is a by-product from the sugar industry.

The magic is in the botanicals, crafted by us but designed by nature.

Our heart felt wish is to be kind to our planet.

Inspired by wild herbs and botanicals we started combining flavours in alcohol before deciding to create alcohol-free spirits. We distil in beaten copper stills in a time-honoured way making our drinks pure, honest and beautifully natural.


If you need any information and would like to get in touch please do not hesitate to call or email.

Email:         Telephone: 01937 206440


  • Bax Botanics On Ice

    Bax Botanics Alcohol-free spirits.  Best served over ice. Making the most of the snowy weather to naturally chill our drinks!

  • Label Printing

    Exciting times as our labels, beautifully designed by Thompson Brand Partners are printed onto eco friendly paper made from sugar industry biproducts. Olympus labels doi

  • Label images!

    Our colourful labels are ultra-magnified microscopic images of plant cells to bring into focus the natural world, just as Bax Botanics does with its flavours. The beautif